Holidays with the Honey


Holidays with loved ones are especially important to me. Get a head start on your intimate Christmas dinner with the bae by making these romantic snow globe candle holders out of whine glasses.



What You Will Need:  

(All items can be found at the Dollar Tree Store)

5 large Whine Glasses
5 Village Accessory pieces by Cobblestone Corners
5 candles
1 Instant Decorative Snow in a Can
Super Glue & a Hot Glue Gun
Decorative gift boxes (optional)
Glitter (optional)
Colored sand (optional)


Step 1: 

Place the glass on the cardboard upside down. With a pencil, trace the rim 5 times, creating 5 circles. Place the glass on the undecorated side of the gift box, trace the rim 5 times. Cut out the ten circles. Using the super glue, place the gift box cut outs face down on the table and glue the cardboard cut outs on top of the gift box cut outs. Allow to dry for 3 minutes. These are your lids.

Step 2:

Decide the order in which your ornaments will be placed inside of each globe. You can place up to three pieces inside of each globe. Using a combination of the superglue and hot glue, place and glue the village accessories to each cardboard circle. Allow to dry for ten minutes. (Optional: Prior to gluing the village accessories into place, you can decorate the cardboard cut out with glitter and markers.)



Step 3:

Open the Snow in a Can and follow its instructions. The snow will be divided into fifths. Place 1/5 snow into each glass while in its upright position.

Step 4:

For each glass, place the cardboard cut out (with the village accessory glued to it), decorative box side up, village pieces pointed down, on top of the glass like a lid. Using the hot glue gun, press the lid down and glue around the rim of the glass and edges of the cardboard lids. Allow to dry for 15 minutes.



Step 5:

Flip the glass upside down. Decorate the glass as you please with ribbon, sand, glitter, and glue. Place the candle on the flat top of the glass. Light it an set it out on the dinner table.


Finishing Touches:

I cut the gold wiring from the ribbon and placed it around the glass rim using the hot glue gun. I also created a ribbon and hot glued it around the stem of the glass. Lastly, I used the red and green sand, as well as the glitter to decorate the rim of the glass bottom (which is now the top of the candle holder). Don't be afraid to get creative!


Happy Holidays!



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