Of course I am wearing my go-to hair style, Brazilian Curly by I purchased 4 bundles: (2) 26", (1) 24" (1) 20" in July of this year, installed on July 21, 2014. During these two full months, I have bleached, and colored it blue, pink and purple. I am disappointed to report that my experience this go around was not one in which I am satisfied with. Below, I will take you through my Brazilian hair journey.

JULY 2014: WEEK 1



     I took this photo during my initial install because I wanted to see how well my hair blended with the weave. Although it blended well, I considered rinsing my sandy red ends with a black hair rinse for perfect blending. The bundles were bleached and dip dyed pink prior to install. I ended up installing both 26", the 24", and half of the 20".

WEEK 2: JULY 2014

     The first picture is during my initial install. Notice the fullness of the hair. This is the (2) 26" installed. I also used a different method of installing. I did a partial vixen sew in so I could wear the hair half up and half down. I honestly, rarely wore it in that style lol. During Week 2, I went home to Florida. It was too hot down there. With the heat and the thickness of the hair, I pulled it up into a little pony tail at the top of my head to get it out of my face.


 During Week 3, I dip dyed the hair hot pink with semi-permanent dye by Adore. Click this photo for details.

During Week 3, I dip dyed the hair hot pink with semi-permanent dye by Adore. Click this photo for details.

AUGUST 2014: WEEK 4                                   AUGUST 2014: WEEK 6

          Around Week 6 is when the excessive shedding becomes a little more evident. If you reference an earlier pic, when the hair is pulled to the front as this picture is, the longest ends are much fuller.  At this point, I wanted to contribute the shedding to the coloring but shedding was coming from the weft. There was some breakage but it was minimal during this time.


     At the end of Week 6, I bleached and dip dyed the hair again. I did not re-process any of the previously bleached hair. I bleached only more brown hair and dip dyed (again, as the color faded) the ends pink and purple. I used Manic Panic this time.

SEPTEMBER 2014: WEEK 7                           SEPT. 2014: WEEK 8

     As the weeks continued, so did the shedding. Here, I want to note that the issues I was having stemmed from the two bundles of 26". I realized this around this time as I separated the two sections (where my natural hair is left out in the middle) and I noticed how thin the back was. Reference the first picture on this post for the initial fullness.

SEPT. 2014: WEEKS 9 - 11


     In the above picture, the hair appears fuller at the ends. I washed and detangled this morning, in which the hair is usually bigger during these days.
     At the end of Week 10, I dip dyed the ends pink and blue, as the previous color faded and it looked terrible. Surprisingly, at its dullest, I received the most compliments. I used Manic Panic's Rose Pink and Rockabilly Blue.




Fair and Reasonable. The price of each bundle varies by length, with it's shortest bundle $75 and longest $110. 


Medium to coarse with high density. It's soft, luxurious and supple when moisturized and a little rough to the touch when dry. Each bundle is very different from the next, therefore, the texture varies. Hairareus does their best to provide you with similar bundles in your order.


Susceptible. The hair can be easily lifted and colored when processed correctly. Over processing can cause the texture and curl pattern to change. Deep condition after every coloring process.


Extremely high. Due to the problems with shedding and some breakage, I was forced to condition more often than I have done in the past. This hair must be moisturized daily. I used a spritz bottle with a water and conditioner mixture daily. The hair becomes frizzy when dry. You must deep condition this hair at least once a week. I can admit that I was not faithful to my deep conditioning routine during this install. (This is the only change I can think of from my previous experience with this hair that may have contributed the breakage experienced.) Define curls with a curl defining product as often as you would like. I used Cantu's Define and Shine Custard.


High. This was by far the worst experience I have ever had when it comes to shedding. Speaking from a non-weft sealer, this hair shed when touched, finger detangled and combed. It was soooooo irritating. It was everywhere. I noticed that majority of the shedding came from my back two bundles. This made me hate detangling the hair so I only detangled with a comb (wide toothed comb) when I co-washed it like every 4 - 6 days. On all other days, I used my fingers.


Pictured Below: Daily Shedding when finger detangling. (imagine this daily for two months)

Pictured Below: After co-washing, detangled with a wide tooth comb.

Notice how much more dense this is than the picture above.


Abnormal. I also experienced a lot more tangling than before with these bundles, especially the longer ones. Curly hair tangles naturally as the locks intertwine. But this tangling is almost reaching excessive. It has been tangling at the neck. I have to detangle that area daily. I saturate it with water and conditioner then finger or comb it depending on how bad it is that day. When i use the curly custard to define the curls, it tends to tangle less. Meaning it'll stay a day or two without tangling at the neck.


5/10. This hair was previously highly recommended. However with my current experience, it's 50/50. There's a chance you will get great hair and a change you will get decent hair. After I uninstall this hair, I will not be using the bundles again. 


**If you are a hair company and would like me to review your hair, please contact me via the "Contact Me" tab.