Everyone always asks me, "What kind of hair are you wearing?" and, "Where did you get it?" I am happy to report that I am wearing Brazilian Curly from I purchased my first 3 bundles in June 2013: 2 bundles of 24" and 1 bundle of 16". Since then, I ordered 2 bundles of 24" and 2 bundles of 20". I have had nothing but pleasantries with this hair; from the prolonged use to it's ability to maintain it's curl pattern through chemical processing. Below, I will take you through my Brazilian hair journey.

June 2013:                                                        July 2013:

August 2013:

     Every 10 - 12 weeks, I uninstall my weave. This was the longest I had ever maintained a weave. I was initially nervous to transition to curly hair, as I was accustomed to straight hair. After I established a curly hair routine--which can be found on a previous post--I was very pleased with this hair. I ombré-d the hair before I installed it. I noticed the curl pattern became slightly looser and the texture became a little silkier. 

September 2013:

October 2013:

     In September 2013, I decided to dye my hair red. As the seasons change, so does my hair. I was nervous about applying a second chemical process to the hair. My instincts were right, as the curl pattern became a little more loose. The hair was still very pretty and soft to the touch. I wore red hair for about two months. In those two months, I became frustrated with the maintenance of red hair. It bleeds with every wash and stains clothes. I would wet my hair every other day to define the curls and would have to wait until the hair was partially dry to put on my clothes. In mid November, I wanted to strip the hair and dye it dark brown or black. Because I did not know how well this would work, I ordered my next four bundles (just in case the hair was ruined).

November 2013:

December 2013:

January 2014:

February 2014:

March 2014:

     As you can see, I did not strip the red from the hair. Instead, I discontinued the use of the 16" bundle and replaced it with one of my new 20" bundles. I left the two red 24" in the back. I wore this throughout the winter and uninstalled it a week before my birthday. Spring was here and I got rid of the red bundles all together and installed the remaining three bundles that I purchased in November. My experience with this second set of hair was slightly different. The texture was a little more coarse and the curls were a little tighter. Chemical processing did not change the texture of the hair or affect the curl pattern. However, this hair does not retain moisture and needs to be moisturized daily.

April 2014:


Fair. The price of each bundle depends on the length, with it's shortest bundle $75 and longest $110. I think this hair is beyond reasonably priced.


Medium to coarse with high density. It's soft, luxurious and supple when moisturized but can be rough to the touch when dry. Each bundle is different from the next, therefore, the texture will vary.


Susceptible. The hair color can be easily changed when processed correctly. Over-processing can cause the texture to change.


High. Curly hair must be moisturized and conditioned often. The hair becomes frizzy when dry. I recommend a good conditioner for curly hair, a deep conditioner that aims to infuse moisture and a curl defining product. Moisturize with water daily or every other day. Deep condition once a week. Define curls as often as you see fit.


In between minimal to moderate. Speaking from the experiences of a non-weft sealer, this hair sheds when combed. I typically detangle the hair every 2 - 3 days. It sheds every time. My first bundles shed way less than this second set of bundles.


Normal. What I mean by normal is that curl hair naturally tangles as the locks intertwine. It does not tangle like straight hair tangles and mats in the back at the neck. With the first bundles, I barely experienced normal tangling as the texture was silkier than my current bundles. With my current bundles, I experience more tangling when the hair is dry. I have to co-wash the hair every 3 days to avoid tangling.


Highly recommended. Overall, I love this hair! It was a great buy and lasts a very long time. You can visit to purchase the hair. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

***If you are a hair company and would like me to review your hair, please contact me via the "Contact Us" tab.



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