Celebrities Unveiled

Why are we so obsessed?

     Celebrities who have unveiled long locks have been met with criticism and skepticism. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Angela Simmons, and Taraji P. Henson, have logged onto their Instagram accounts to find thousands of hateful and negative comments after they revealed their natural hair. I am not sure why people find it hard to believe that African American celebrities can maintain healthy and lengthy hair under their weaves. I also don't understand why people feel it is their right to dispute a celebrity's account of their hair length. Why are we so obsessed with what's growing out of someone else's head? If we put half of the energy into our own hair, then maybe we, too, can have waist length tresses.

Answer this: Why do you care about a celebrity's natural hair? Why do you doubt their truthfulness about their hair's length?

     Men and women alike continue to pose this ignorant question: Why do you wear weaves if your hair is so long? Let's put that question to rest. Right here. Right now. Weave (if installed correctly) is a protective style. A protective style allows the hair to take a break from manipulation and unnecessary stress. Celebrities have to change their hair often. Therefore, a weave is easy, convenient, and saves their hair from being blown out, flat ironed, gelled up, etc. I am a chronic weave wearer. Weave is my go-to style to protect my natural hair. That does not mean I'm "bald headed" or I have short hair under this weave. I, just like celebrities, understand the benefits of such practices. I take care of my hair under my weave as well. Hair care is not rocket science. With time, patience, love and care, anyone can grow out a full head of healthy hair.

To Weave or Not to Weave?

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