Manetabolism | 60 Day Review

The Results:

4.12.14 12 inches

3.11.14 11.5 inches

2.9.14 11 inches

   In two months, my hair has grown an inch, however it continues to break (only my bang area where I have damage from straightening my hair often when I used to wear straight weave). I will be cutting it to about nose length to get rid of the heat damaged ends. Hopefully, since I am on a heat-free journey, I will not have these continuing problems. I am not sure exactly when I am going to cut the bang, it could be today or the next time I reinstall my hair, but I am going to do it and share with you the new length!

    I have decided to take a month long break from taking the vitamins. Although I am happy with my hair results, I have been experiencing break outs and some scarring in my face. I want to determine if the vitamins are causing the changes in my skin. For as long as I can remember, I have never had a pimple leave a scar on my face. But for about the past 6 months, each time I get a pimple, I'm left with a discoloration. The only change in my skin care routine I can think of was the start of my taking these vitamins. If I can determine whether or not Manetabolism Hair Vitamins are having this effect on my skin, I will cease from taking any skin, hair and nails vitamins for at least two more months following this one month break. After that, I will try GNC's Be-Beautiful Hair-Skin-Nails. If anyone has used this product, please comment your experience below. Also, to minimize the appearance of blemishes, I will be using a mixture of lemon and aloe vera juice beginning this week.

Background information:

Manetabolism and The Mane Choice Hair Solution was created by Courtney Adeleye, who experienced difficulty obtaining products to manage her natural hair once she became relaxer free. She researched the anatomy of hair and the scientific essentials to grow and retain healthy hair. Over sought by her husband, Courtney and Adebowale manufactured hair products that were important and necessary for healthy hair. She used her own hair as the primary research study. After much success, her secret is out and she is willing to share The Mane Choice product line with the world.

If you want to learn more about her products or witness her natural & healthy hair journey, please find her contact information below.

***We are in no way affiliated with the production and promotion of this product. All information provided was retrieved from the above website.

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