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Midnight Muse Blue

 Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Since blue is my favorite color, I've always wanted to dye my blue.

Yesterday I finally got my chance to do so. I've been searching for the perfect shade of dark blue for a while now. You know, not so bright that you can see me a mile away, and not too dark that it looks black. Well I was watching TV and saw a commercial for Vidal Sassoon's London Luxe Line of box hair colors. I noticed one of the models had a dark hair color that showed up blue as soon as the light touched it and instantly wanted to find this hair color. After weeks of searching, I finally found this hair color at my local Walgreens. Once I got back home, I instantly started the process of dying my hair. I was extremely excited! 

The dye took about 10 minutes to turn blue. At first I thought I did something wrong. I use box colors all the time and they usually turn a different color as I am mixing the products together. Never the less, I completely saturated my hair with the dye, waited the allotted 30 minutes, rinsed, conditioned and brushed my hair, then tied it down. Because I have short hair, I do not use a blow dryer, therefore I waited until the morning to see my results. Let me just say, there is more blue in the towel I used than in my hair.  I was very disappointed and felt like I wasted my money. Even when I went outside in the sun and asked a friend if my hair looked blue she said, "NO girl, your hair is jet black." I am saddened that this color did not work for me. Although it did not change my hair color to blue, it left it soft, shiny and healthy looking. If you guys have used this particular color, or any other product to change your hair blue, and yielded a different outcome, please share!!! 

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My Next Adventure

Photo Credit: Google

In three weeks, I plan on trying another color from this line called "London Lilac." I saw this color in the store and fell in love with it. I will post my results and let you guys know how it turned out!!!! OOOOOOOOHHHH THE EXCITEMENT!!!!!!


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