Hot Pink by Adore | Hair Color Review

Dip Dying Hot Pink

Before Processing

Creative Image Adore Hot Pink SemiPermanent Hair Color $3.99

    Dip dying is the process of ombré-ing the tips/ends of your hair. This is a uber popular look, so I decided to spice it up by using Adore's Hot Pink Semi-Permanent Hair Color. 

     I purchased the 4 oz bottle from my local beauty supply store.  This product does not require the use of a creme developer. I emptied the contents into a mixing bowl and applied it section by section on the tips of my hair. Using aluminum foil, I allowed it to process for about 35-45 minutes with the first sections processing the longest.  

The Results: 

After processing

   Although the color came out beautiful and vibrant, I am highly disappointed with this product. The color came out entirely too dark. My hair looks more red than hot pink. The content itself was a dark liquid with pink tones and when applied it was pink until the all of the hair strands were saturated. It appeared somewhat red.  If you are looking to dye your strands hot pink, I would NOT recommend this product.

i'M slowly waiting for it to fade so I can use Manic Panic's Cotton Candy Pink or Hot Pink. Haven't decided.

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