Bella Dream Hair Review

Brazilian Natural Wave

First Bundles received 12.20.2014

 Pre-processing second set of bundles

Pre-processing second set of bundles

 Second set of bundles received 01.08.2015

Second set of bundles received 01.08.2015

     I was so excited to receive my Bella Dream Hair. Ever since I began wearing virgin hair, I knew I wanted to try this company because I have always heard they are the best of the best and one of the leading companies in virgin hair extensions. Well, I guess my eagerness got the best of me because I have been less than pleased with my experience. I initially ordered three bundles of Brazilian natural wave in honey blonde #27 (with the intentions on dying them bright red as pre-processed hair in bright red was unavailable at this time) on Black Friday (11.28.2014) during their annual sale. I ordered 3 bundles: 1 (18"), 1 (20"), and 1 (22").

     When I received my bundles (on 12.20.14 - almost a month after ordering), I was surprised that they were practically straight and did not resemble the wave pattern presented on the Bella Dream Hair site. The texture was also rough and the hair smelled processed, like a perm. I debated for a day or two whether I was going to keep the hair or request a refund. I finally decided that I wanted to reach out to customer service for a refund of my money. They quickly explained they do not offer refunds for pre-processed hair. When I inquired about the smell, texture change and overall presentation of the hair, the customer service rep was kind enough to admit that they lightened the hair themselves and their usual specialist did not process the hair in which I received. I was unaware that they were processing the hair in-house and decided to exchange the hair for 3 new bundles in their natural state. I received this second batch of bundles on 01.08.15.


     I planned to process the hair myself as I typically have done all of my other hair from other companies without a problem. I used BW2 bleach and 30 creme developer. I watched the hair process for 25 minutes and due to its resistance to lift, I allowed the bleach to sit on the hair for an extra 10 minutes. The hair would not lift higher than 2 levels. Upset by this, I went ahead and washed the hair out then applied the red dye (L'Oreal HiColor HiLights for dark hair, color: Intense red). I allowed that to process for 2 hours. I deep conditioned the hair for 2 hours, as well as steamed the hair. I was pleased with the color results but the texture and feel of the hair was alarming. The hair was dry, dull and felt like straw. I flat ironed it twice with my Ion I-fusion flat iron from Sally's and was still unsatisfied. The hair clumped together and was hard to run your fingers through it. The hair pictures beautifully as seen to the left but this was not an accurate reflection of the quality of hair. (You can see where I ran my fingers through the hair in a picture below when I speak about texture.) I was literally so upset by this that I truly believed it took so long for me to receive my hair because the company was awaiting the receipt of my hair from Aliexpress smh.

The following weekend I re-dyed the hair with L'Oreal's HiColor HiLights for dark hair, color: Red Hot. I also deep conditioned the hair again for 2 hours. I blow dried and flat ironed it and to my surprise, the hair was soft and the texture was less straw like. I deep conditioned it again 4 days later and the hair was softer and more shiny. I began to come around as the hair wasn't as terrible as it had been before. I haven't fallen in love with the hair but it will do for the next month or so. I've had my straight hair fix and will be returning to curly hair soon.

Pictured February 3, 2015.


Highly Overpriced. The price of each bundle varies by length, with it's shortest bundle $130.50 (4 oz; 8") and longest $305 (4 oz; 36") or $430  (6 oz; 36"). They also charged $29 for shipping and there were no special packaging that would support this overcharge. All three bundles arrived together in one sheet of pink tissue paper (as pictured above).


Fine. Initially upon receipt of the second set of bundles, the hair was extremely soft and easy to run my fingers through. After color processing the hair, the hair became hard, dull and dry like straw. It did not maintain or revert back to its original curl pattern. It stayed this way for about a week or two, then softened up. It never returned to it's original softness no matter what I did but it has become more manageable.


After color processing it, the hair stuck together. I could not run my fingers through it at all (pictured left). My fingers got caught each time for about a week or two. Now, one month into my install, the hair rarely tangles nor does it matte at the nape of the neck.


Somewhat Resistant. The hair was somewhat resistant to bleaching. One of the three bundles achieved a 3-4 level lift with BW2 bleach and 30 creme developer. The other two bundles would not lift lighter than a level 2. I lifted the hair with the intentions on dying it red. Using L'oreal's HiColor HiLights for Dark Hair in the color Red, I dyed each bundle.



Low. I wrap my hair nightly. I typically wear it straight but have gotten the "curl itch" and flexiroded it twice. It curls and straightens easily and the curls tend to drop into beach waves (which is the look I go for.)


Minimal. I have seen some breakage on some of the ends but that's minimal as well. I did not dye the ends. They are still in their natural color.


Purchase at your own risk. I, however, cannot 100% recommend this hair due to my one bad experience. I have heard several testimonies ravishing in their satisfaction with this hair. But because I believed this was one of the best companies, I don't think I should have had any issues nor do I believe I received the best quality bundles. I will not be purchasing from Bella Dream Hair again. I think I could have a more pleasant experience with less expensive hair. 

Filmed February 3, 2015. Full of body.


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