Wintertime Fine

It's winter time and what better way to spice up your look than with some amazing lipstick colors? Winter time is best know for its deep, dark, and subtle colors. I've provided some lipstick colors that are my personal favs for the fall/winter. Swatches provided below:

(From left to right) MAC Russian Red, MAC Diva, MAC Rebel, Makeup Forever #15, MAC Yung Rapuxel (LE), and MAC Hautecore (LE)

I'm a lipstick addict!! I cannot stress it enough. Needless to say, it's winter time and it's time to get deep. No matter your complexion, never be afraid to play with color. Dark purples, plums, deep red, chocolate browns, and burgundies are in this season. Here are some examples on how to "vamp" up your look! 

Photo creds: Google

When it comes to me with make-up, I say go bold, but don't go crazy! Here are a few Do's and Don'ts for wearing dark lipstick: 

Don't wear black lipstick for an everyday look. You will look super goth and super crazy. Try wearing it for a party or editorial purposes. For example, photo-shoots or runways.

When wearing a bold lip color, keep your eye make-up simple and subtle. Use neutral colors and let your lips draw all of the attention.

Make sure to keep your lips nice and smooth by exfoliating them. (Refer to our DIY section for a homemade lip exfoliant.) You wouldn't want your beautiful lipstick to build up in the cracks of your lips. It is not very appealing, especially with dark colors.

Make sure you keep your lip color neat because, knowing me, I tend to get lipstick on everything! Bold colors can stain, so be careful.

Oh and don't forget to do a teeth check :)

Are you ready for this?

 I came across the most adorable thing on Instagram the other day!

Photo creds:

YES!! They are exactly what you think they are, LIPSTICK earrings. I am in love…they are so cute. They are sold at Stoney's Online Luxury Boutique and the prices range from $12-$18, not including shipping and handling. The company is based in Philidelphia. I came across the Instagram page and I spotted these earrings. I thought what better way to spread the word than on our blog! Kudos to Stoney's Boutique! Not only do they sell accessories, they also have gorgeous apparel such as sexy dresses, cute heels, sweatsuits, jackets and more! Make sure to make your purchases today, they sell out fast! We love their products. #ZealousApproved

We want to say thank you on behalf of Stoney's Boutique for any future customers :)

Their contact info:

Twitter: stoneysboutique

Instagram: stoneysboutique




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