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Tyme the Infamous

     Tyme is a brilliant make-up artist originally from Denver, Colorado. She was once a MAC Cosmetics make-up artist but has ventured onto bigger and better things. She has her own youtube channel "TymeTheInfamous," with over 300,000 subscribers and millions of viewers. Tyme has also developed a website,, where inspired make-up artists could sign up for her online classes in hopes to learn and pursue their own MUA careers. 

 Photo Cred: Google

Photo Cred: Google

     Tyme is known for her dramatic and bold make-up looks. She says herself that she hates natural looks. Her YouTube channel is full of tutorials on how to create these looks, as well as how to correctly apply make-up. With her unique use of color and eye for perfection, she can turn any canvas from bland to glamorous. Tyme has created a brand called CakeFace, which will be released very soon.

     I first discovered Tyme during my freshman or sophomore year in college. I was sitting in my dorm room wondering how I should do my make-up for the day. I've always worn a little bit of eyeshadow since high school but I hadn't ventured off into using much color at the time. As i searched YouTube, her videos popped up. I literally fell in love. I sat up all day and night watching her videos and trying all the different looks she had done. I then developed a strong love for make-up. Until this day, I still watch her videos in awe. She's inspired me to want to be a make-up artist for MAC (even though it hasn't happened yet) and she's also part of the reason I have a huge make-up collection that is still growing!
     You'll also find a lot of amazing hair reviews and installation tutorials on her YouTube channel. With Valencia Rose Hair Company being her favorite source of virgin hair, she always has a new hairstyle! She's not afraid to play around with color either. She has explored colors from pink to silver and rocks it with ease. She does her own installs, makes her own wigs, and dyes her wefts. How can you not love her? She's multi-talented and that's why she's my favorite make-up artist.

   Tyme is also very much into fashion. She keeps up with all the latest trends and her shoe game in my opinion is THE BOMB.  

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Youtube: tymetheinfamous

IG: tymetheinfamous

Twitter: Tymethe1nfamous