Summer '16 Bucket List

Bucket List

  1. Exercise Every Day
  2. Purchase An All White Beach Cruiser
  3. Ride That Beach Cruiser All Around Downtown Atlanta
  4. Eat and Blog About 5 Restaurants I've Never Been To
  5. Walk Along Savannah Beach
  6. Visit My Best Friend In Virginia
  7. Read Two Books
  8. See A Movie Every Other Friday
  9. Paint
  10. Ride MARTA Around the City

"The tans will fade but the memories will last forever ...

Every summer has a story"

    With summer '16 right around the corner, I'm swearing to make an impression on the world while strolling under the illuminously freckled sky of fallen darkness. Patiently awaiting the summer nights, summer storms, summer concerts, and summer's blaze; I present to you my summer bucket list.

11.   Attend At Least One Concert
12.   Ride A Horse
13.   Enjoy A Moonlit Swim
14.   Complete My "Wreck This Journal" Journal
15.   Write More
16.   200+ Squats daily
17.   Become a teacher

As June 20 approaches, I will continue to build onto this list. As June 20 passes, I will update the completion status of each item.

What are some things you're looking forward to doing this summer!?



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Under Construction

Good Morning my lovely followers! 

Let's start by saying I have truly sucked as a blogger. ::sad face:: However, today is the day I am back! With no excuses. Blogging is a passion of mine and I have learned that people are really interested in what I have to say. I have decided to completely revamp my entire blog. It will be back with a new look, new vibe and completely new name. Zealous Edge itself, for what it and we stood for, means so much to me, however, it is time for me to grow and evolve from the tone that set the stage. Be patient with me and continue to follow me on this journey! You won't be disappointed. My goal is to debut the site later this evening or tomorrow morning. Thanks again for my loyal followers,



Dear Diary: Preparing for Mexico

Preparing for Mexico



     I decided against installing my weave and opted for jumbo cornrows. I saw a picture of Keyshia Cole's jumbo braids done by an LA stylist and I was inspired. I wanted to try the "add in/feed in" method of installing the cornrows. Mind you, I had no idea how to do them. After a couple of research hours invested into YouTube, I was confident I could teach my friend to do them so she could do them in my hair. We practiced for about an hour until she perfected the style. 




   I was taught better than this but I'm such a last minute person. I just packed today. I know. I leave in the morning and will be heartbroken if I leave something behind. This is a family trip so my wardrobe will be PG-13. Usually, I like to dress for the scenery. And for the beach, that usually means half naked, and Rated R. That includes small bikinis, mesh skirts and sheer shirts. I'll be toning some of that stuff down with kimonos, longer shorts and coveralls. Some of my favorite brands along for the trip are Jeffrey Campbell, Forever 21, PacSun, UNIF, LamodaUK and Victoria's Secret.


    I returned to my usual clear coated stiletto finger nails. I got a gel overlay to avoid any instances of chipped or discolored nail polish. As for my toes, a classic French tip will suffice. 


   Sun screen. Sunshades. Epilator. Neck pillow. MakeUp Forever mascara. Lysol wipes. Airborne. Bikini trimmer. Package of jumbo Kanakalon braiding hair.  


How do you prepare to travel? 

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Dear Diary 9.5.14

Dear Diary, 

     Depression hurts. Depression kills. Depression affects millions. Oftentimes, we deal with depression alone. Depression affects millions of Americans, and 2/3 do not seek necessary help. 1 out of 4 young adults will experience a depressive episode before the age of 24. Women are twice more likely than to men to be affected.


     Depression has claimed the lives of so many of those around us. I just wanted to reach out to some of you who have experienced depression to let you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Depression is not a means to an end and it can be treated. Please seek help. Whether it be a parent, a clinician or just a friend. Find someone to talk to. You are not alone. And to those who have loved ones battling this disorder, help them find their way!


Please comment the names of those you have either lost or are currently suffering from depression. Say a prayer for them.


Rest In Peace to the Celebrities we have lost ...

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