Chicks Who Lift

 Photo Creds: Google

Photo Creds: Google

Chicks Who LiFT


     A seemingly popular but controversial debate has been stirring surrounding whether "Chicks with Muscles" are considered sexy or too masculine. More and more women are taking on a stronger physique, straying away from society's image of "sexy." Most recently, I, myself, have considered spending more time in the gym pumping iron for a toned physique. I am immediately annoyed when I hear comments from spectators such as, "That's a man!" or "Ew, that's too much (referring to the muscle tone)."  Is it that we feel bulking; body building; or, lifting weights period is inappropriate for women? Is it that men prefer their women lean or "thick," as opposed to toned? Or is it that muscles on a woman is perpendicular to the 'ideal feminine body?' Whatever the issue may be, some women have deviated from society's description of the 'ideal feminine body.'  They have risen beyond the myth that weight lifting will make women look like men and realized that adding weights to their workout routines ultimately slims the body down while dropping body fat and weight. The key is to understand how to use the weights to slim instead of bulk.

     What defines "sexy?" Slim? Athletic? Hour-glass? Boyish? Plump? Physical ideals change as quickly as the sun rises. I believe "sexy" is 60% sex appeal and 40% body type. I prefer an athletic build on an hour-glass figure. I am currently working towards the goal of sculpting my muscles while maintaining my girlish figure. Girls in the gym is the new craze. Let's stop passing judgement and allow ourselves to be inspired to hit the gym and get fit.

     A last word of advice: don't be afraid to lift weights. A little muscle does not hurt. The most important thing is a positive body image of your self. Trying to transform your body to resemble the models in the magazine is a waste of time and energy. Workout to be fit and nothing else. Muscles show strength. Strength exudes confidence. Confidence equals perfection.


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