Hi Guys! (said in a freakishly close British accent). Kenedra is my name. Pronounced Ken-E-druh. iAm a Florida native however, I just recently relocated to Atlanta, GA. I moved here from Richmond, Virginia, where I lived for five years, two of them in which iSpent engulfed in the HBCU experience (kinda...but not really). iMoved from Florida on a whim to take a chance in a new state at a new school. (iAbsolutely hated it lol). iGraduated from the University of Central Florida in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. iGraduated from Virginia State University in 2013 with a Master's of Science Degree in Psychology with a Clinical Concentration. You can pretty much assume I'm well educated.

     iAm very opinionated. iLove to play the devil's advocate. iHate discrimination based on human rights and sexual orientation. iHave several hobbies that are not interesting enough to list. iLove to look pretty and be all things that are pretty. iDress. iSmile. iHave dimples. iM adventurous.  iOwn two of the world's cutest dogs. They are my life, like the way White people love their dogs (no offense).  iDecided to bring all things KENEDRA to this blog because the world thrives on controversy and bigotry; two things that provoke intellectual and ignorant dialogue. You want to talk? Let's talk. You want to argue? Let's argue. You have an opinion? Let's hear it!

Comment, Like, && Subscribe. You either hate it or love it. It doesn't matter, Just ENJOY iT,