Destination | Cancun, Mexico

   Immediately upon arrival, I decided to vlog. Oh. My. Gosh. Mexico was everything. From its beautiful people to the relaxing environment, I was in paradise. There was much to celebrate as this well needed mini vacation was greatly deserved. Everyone who knows me knows my birthday is a celebration and this year, Cancun, was invited to the party! 

The view from my 6th floor, ocean view terrace.

    For 4 days, I called Cancun my home. I came to Cancun to celebrate my birthday this year. It was absolutely beautiful and I can say this, by far, was the best birthday of my life.

 Oasis Sens Hotel

Oasis Sens Hotel

     I stayed at the Oasis Sens Adult Only/All Inclusive Resort. This 5 star hotel was equipped with 9 onsite restaurants, 9 onsite bars, daily pool activities, live entrainment and a nightclub. Day 1 was spent exploring the hotel and relaxing on the beach. 



    I woke up feeling unbelievably blessed to see another birthday, have good health, and be in paradise. I counted my blessings and headed to the beach for my workout. I was too excited to workout on the beach!

      My birthday was absolutely wonderful from the time I opened my eyes to the time I went to bed. I explored the beautiful city of Cancun. There were dozens of flea markets and three malls, one of which sold the exact same things as the flea markets (apparel and souvenirs). My day captured below:

Outfit by Ricki Brazil.

In the car, exploring Cancun.

Me & SpiderMan in Coco Bongo

 Coco Bongo Bar and Nightclub. It is surrounded by several flea markets.

Coco Bongo Bar and Nightclub. It is surrounded by several flea markets.

He was dying to take a selfie!

Saw these lovely men being pleasured on a shot of Corona in a convenient store.

Dinner | Al Sur, Onsite Restaurant

     My birthday dinner was a complete train wreck. The fact that I didn't feel well coupled with the fact that I was about to eat unfamiliar food at an unfamiliar restaurant made this night less than perfect. It was extremely windy that night and I HATE THE WIND! There was a menu provided for the restaurant in the bedroom so I had already pre-selected what I wanted to eat. Come to find out, it was a sit down buffet and I would be served everything on the menu. My first thoughts were, "Crap. Now I'm going to have to eat everything, at least half of everything, because I don't want to waste their food." I am a very picky eater. I was served four "snacks," (appetizers), one of which I absolutely loved. It was a garden salad with Italian Vinaigrette dressing. Following, I was served 3 small portions of 3 different entrees, none of which I was crazy about. The desert was the worse part. I licked it and then smushed it to make it look like I bit it. Although I had a few technical difficulties, I still counted this as a wonderful time!

Kinky Nightclub I On site Nightclub

     The Oasis Sens offers entertainment at it's onsite Nightclub. I did not party the night away but I did stay for a short while. Just press play.


Days 3 & 4

    These two days were spent on the beach and getting to know the hotel. The hotel provided various activities from water volleyball to exercise classes. I used these days to catch up on much needed rest and relaxation. I swam, drank, and ate hotdogs, hamburgers, and pizza, while I watched Law & Order: SVU. I did not take many pictures as I was in the water for the majority of both days or lounging around watching television. I was in the water so much it stripped my pink ends on my hair. But this was exactly what I needed and I was sad when it came to an end. I truly enjoyed my short trip and am thinking about making this a yearly event.

Peep Alonzo in the background. This man was upset that I took my own bag to my car. As soon as I noticed him walking behind me, I stated, "Nobody better not touch my bag, because I'm not giving out no more money!" He demanded next time I check out BEFORE taking my bag to the car. My thing is, why would I carry my heavy bag around when my car was parked right out front? He just wanted me to sit it down so he could pick it up and I would be forced to let him take it to the car for $1. Oh. No. That was not going to happen. LOL.


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