Lounges. Hookah bars. Bars. Nightclubs. 

Cocktails. Beer. Food. Music. Dance. Friends. Mini Skirts.

Stilettos. Dresses. Crop tops. Red Lipstick Smudged.

Nightlife in Richmond, Virginia caters to various crowds. Between it's century old Hookah bars to it's upscale Nightclubs, party goers will always find somewhere to grab a few cocktails and dance the night away. Because this blog is very personal to us, we wanted to get personal with you. We love to have fun! So we present to you: Night Life!

Destination: 8.29.14 Fishbowl Bistro & Bar

    This is my absolute favorite bar in the Richmond area. My friends and I used to go all of the time because it was a sure stop for fun and good music. About 3 or 4 months ago, a birdie exposed our spot to the Richmond area now it is almost always jam packed with locals (as opposed to the usual college kids). The crowd reaches capacity each Friday and Saturday night. Get there by 11 pm or look forward to spending the night waiting in a long line eager to get in. Drinks are inexpensive ($10 for a large fish bowl) and the DJ always shuts the house down. They close early and begin sending people out around 1:30 a. Each time it's disappointing as they seem to close up earlier each week.

Destination: 4.11.14 KAI RVA

    Kai RVA is located on Cary Street in the Shockhoe Slip. You can't miss it as the blue lights innoticeably  illuminates the building and street. We have always wanted to experience this bar because it was pretty to look at. It was empty for a Friday night but we made the best of it. We drank shots of Tequila and Fireball to liven the night. We met a few great people, one of which was an older man who loved to dance. He danced on us and our friends.

We had the opportunity to meet some awesome people! (Select the picture to enlarge)

Destination: 2.21.14 | Bellytimber Tavern

     Bellytimber Tavern is a bar located in uptown Richmond, Virginia.  This was our first experience here and we were told to get there early or we would have a hard time getting in. When we arrived, there was no line and we walked right in, which is always a plus! Initially, we did not see what the hype was about (and then again, the hype was created by one of our friends). It was less than crowded and the music was filled with non-dancable tunes. The DJ had yet to arrive. We had one issue with the service. Although there were some good bartenders, some of them were inattentive and skipped over several costumers that were trying to order drinks. One of the bartenders took on more than she could chew and mixed up my credit card with someone else's. One was pushy for tips and complained she had not been tipped by us all night. Mind you, our tabs were still open. That was very unprofessional and uncalled for. But, 6 fireball shots and 10 wings later, the party was live. When the DJ turned up, the crowd swayed and twerked to the beat. We made the best of the night as always and it was great fun! 

We had the opportunity to meet some awesome people! (Select the picture to enlarge)