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What is Z & E Clothing Collection?

     Z & E Clothing Collection is a clothing line developed and inspired by the Zealous Edge blog. It was founded on the principles of affirmation, haute couture and the street style subcultures. It was important to us to create a brand that is meaningful and distinctive. Z & E Clothing Collection will offer two brands, the ZealousEdge brand and Héroïne 31.

What is the ZealousEdge Brand?

     The ZealousEdge Brand will be a direct reflection of the ZealousEdge blog. We will start with logo T-Shirts then venture into innovative designs based on previous blog posts. The ZealousEdge brand inspires through education and demonstration. 

What is Héroïne 31?

    Héroïne 31 is a registered trademark of Z & E Clothing Collection. It was founded by two African American women, influenced by cultural and social latitudes with the notion that all women were created with a purpose. Whether that purpose is to empower others or be an ideal role model, Héroïne 31 strives to foster a community of distinctive women who are influential and want to look damn good doing it. Héroïne 31 will begin with various logo shirts and advance to innovative designs and other apparel.

Why "Héroïne"?

    Héroïne of Héroïne 31 is defined as a cultured woman of distinguished style and confidence, admired for her eccentricities, ambition, courageous deeds and noble qualities.

Describe a Héroïne.

     A héroïne is the ideal woman who is in tuned with her mind, body, and soul. She can relate to everyone. She knows she was created for a purpose and aspires to inspire. She knows who she is and what she wants. She is ambitious in her own right and is not afraid to test the limits of normalcy. She's eccentric and distinctive. She has endless qualities. She is Admirable. Adventurous. Confident. Cultured. Daring. Distinguished. Feisty. Flirtatious. Helpful. Humble. Independent. Loyal. Passionate. Sassy. Secure. Seductive. Straight forward. Strong. Stylish. Wanted. Witty. She's a Superhero.

What is the difference between Fashion and Style? How does your brand appeal to one's style?

     Fashion by definition is a popular trend, especially in styles of dress. "Trend" refers to the constant change that is characterized by fashion. As fashion fades, style remains the same. Style is a distinctive appearance idiosyncratic to a particular person. It's about the nonverbal expression of who you are. Z & E Clothing Collection aims to provide you with fashionable items that compliment your style and character.

What made you want to develop a clothing line?

     I wanted to develop a line that was meaningful and purposeful. Also, I wanted to find a way to do for others. 4% (which will increase over time) of all profits will go to Women, Children, and Family Service Charities of America. Their mission is to "create a better world by constructively addressing gender based discrimination, domestic violence, reproductive choices, family-work conflicts, caregiver support, and childhood education, hunger and health." The WCFS is a group comprised of America's best charitable organizations who aim to meet the needs of women and children around the world. For more information, please visit www.womenandchildren.org.

What products are you going to offer?

     Z & E Clothing Collection will offer a wide range of apparel including various shirts, hats, pants, and undergarments. 

Do you have men's apparel?

     Yes. We do have men's apparel. The men's apparel will symbolize his addiction to his "héroïne." These items will be made available at a later date.

When will the line be available? 

     Pre-orders on individual items will be taken beginning May 19, 2014. After visiting www.zealousedge.com, please click on the "Z & E Clothing Collection" tab. Pre-orders are taken BEFORE items are made available to the public. Our items are made to order at this time.


I present to you, Z & E Clothing Collection.


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