Voguish Trendz

Voguish Trendz

"I never thought in a million years I would be designing clothes but life is very unexpected. And so far, I am happy with the unexpected."
-- ISIS, the designer

"Power" beanie by Voguish Trendz

   This young and upcoming designer is making a powerful statement with her clothing line, Voguish Trendz. Isis Imani Ohui started her clothing line at the tender age of 15. She initially made pocket T-shirts with Kente fabric and sold them to her peers at school as a way to make extra cash to pay her cell phone bill. Before she knew it, her clientele expanded and she began to dream of a bigger future for her brand. 

"A lot of my followers on Tumblr insisted that I make these shirts available to purchase for people around the U.S. Indeed, I did so and ever since then, the brand has grown enormously..."                                                        

     Voguish Trendz has grown larger than Isis could have ever imagined. As she realized the influence of the message her clothing line symbolized -- African American Excellence, she decided to give back to her community by donating majority of the profits to various donation funds, as well as to the development of her own youth-oriented foundation, Young Adults of Black Excellence. She believes in empowering the African American community, as well as other minorities, to unite, stand up against racial discrimination, and speak up for themselves.


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     Isis is multitalented. She is currently interested in pursuing a music career as a rapper. She is a part of the group/label Artisans Music Group. She is also working towards developing a second clothing line based on street wear, called "NICASCIO" with her new business partner Cuwani Nicascio. 


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Meet the Designer

 Isis Ohui

Isis Ohui


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