February Eighteenth

Tuesday | 90s grunge

      Flannel. Converses. Combat boots. Doc Martens. Leather jackets. Sunshades. Beanies. Destressed dark denim. Stonewashed blue jeans. Floral. Punk. Rock. Vintage. 90's grunge is characterized by it's raw, unkept, style of sheer messiness and disregard for what is worn.  Today, grunge has infused with glamour and can be neatly put together. I have decided to go for a neat grungy look because I'm heading to work. On the weekend, I would have paired my  mid-rise skinnies and flannel shirt (as pictured) with a black graffiti crop top, gray beanie, circle sunshades and a denim jacket with leather sleeves. I would have also worn my black floral Dr. Marten boots. Explore with this look! Don't be afraid to layer as well!


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