February Twentieth

Thursday | denim prep

Sweater | Ralph Lauren 

Denim Shirt | Love Culture

Jeans | Bullhead Denim Co. at Pacific Sunwear

Shoes | BP Shoes at Nordstrom

Necklace | Forever 21

     Denim prep is a cross between the preparatory style and denim. This look is distinguished by its crisp, clean cut appearance. Typically characterized by cardigans, argyle sweaters, crewnecks, chinos, and loafers, this look if easy to achieve. Replace the chinos with a nice pair of tailored jeans, opt for a denim shirt, and throw on a sweater or tie it around the shoulders. 

When cultivating the Preppy style, here are a few things to consider adding to your wardrobe:

  1. Polo and/or Oxford Shirts
  2. Vests
  3. Navy Blue Blazer
  4. Tweed Jacket
  5. Chino and Khaki Pants
  6. Boat Shoes and/or Loafers
  7. Bermuda Shorts
  8. Lily Pulitzer Skirt
  9. Dark Straight-Leg Denim
  10. Tea Length and Summer Dresses

Remember to keep it simple and neat!

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