February Twenty-Sixth

Wednesday | Misunderstood 

      Mixing patterns and prints is a fashion DO. A lot of people are apprehensive about making this bold statement. Flowers to Polka Dots. Stripes to Plaid. Leopard Print to Checkard; combinations all sought out by the fashionista risk taker. Get creative and add demension to your wardrobe with this mix-and-mingle style but don't go crazy. Below you will find a few guidelines to becoming a fashion outlaw. 



Trench Coat| Forever 21

Scarf  | Forever 21

Shirt |  BDG @ Urban Outfitters 

Jeans | Bullhead Denim Co. @ Pacific Sunwear

Shoes | Giuseppe

| the fashion outlaw |

1. Don't Match Too Much: matching? What's that about? Lol. Don't worry about matching at all. If you do, you will find yourself overwhelmed and may talk yourself out of mixing. Never wear the same pattern from head to toe. Follow guideline number 2.

2. Stay In The Same Color Family: make sure each piece has atleast one color in common. 

3. Mix A Large Print With A Smaller Print: your prints should not compete with one another. Let one take the lead as they compliment one another.  

4. Add A Few Solid Pieces: It's easier on the eye. 


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