March Thirty-First

Monday | Layered Double Denim

Denim Vest | PacSun

Outer Vest | Forever 21

Jeans | Bullhead Denim Co. @ PacSun

Boots | Colin Stuart Over the Knee

Jacket | Forever 21

     Double denim has been a fashion misfortune in the past. We all remember those dreadful "jean" outfits our mothers used to torture us with as children. Well, kiss those days good-bye and don't be afraid to embrace this modernized old trend. Pairing a denim top with denim bottoms can still be tricky but follow these simple rules and you will surely avoid all committing crimes against fashion. 

| Rules of Engagement |

1. Polarize Shades:
     This is the best way to start if you have any double denim doubts. Pair a darker denim jacket with a lighter washed jeans. If you are really second guessing your outfit, opt for destroyed denim bottoms to further distract the viewer from the similarity of textures. Selecting a jacket with the jeans allows your shirt to break up the denim couple. 

2. Button Up & Jeans:
    Try this combination if you're feeling a little riskier but keep your selection of washes less conventional. You can contrast your colors here as well to avoid similar hues. Pair this look with boots and a textured jacket.

3. Color:
     Incorporate a color that will stand out. You can try a purple jacket tied around the waist, a tribal patterned windbreaker resting on your shoulders, or a red bandana tied around your head like a halo. Color can also be a nice distraction!

4. Same Fam
     I know I advised the use of contrasting colors but keeping your tops and bottoms in the same color family can create a stylish outfit if done correctly. Avoid the typical mistake of wearing a traditional blue denim wash. Layer with undershirts, jackets, or button ups.

These are some of my favorite ways to wear denim:

**If you cannot follow these rules, please disengage.

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