July Eleventh

Friday | The Tourist


     Growing up, the one thing I hated about traveling with my parents was my father's innate capacity to look and act like a tourist. From the loud Hawaiian styled floral shirts, sandals and fanny packs, to his audaciousness while asking for directions. This man had absolutely no shame. People typically try to avoid looking like a tourist for a fear of being robbed or kidnapped, or because it's oftentimes a fashion don't. Today, I decided to embrace this American uniform by allowing it to take it's rightful place at the forefront on this warm summer day.


How to wear Hawaiian themed shirts:

1. Pair it with chinos or chino shorts. Do not wear jeans (unless they are distressed or following the current fashion trend.) You can also try a knee length pencil skirt.

2. Do not tuck in the shirt or button it from top to bottom. Try leaving the first 3 buttons undone to show some added cleavage. You can also try leaving the last 3 buttons undone. If you are bold enough, try only buttoning the top collar button.

3. Do not wear sneakers like New Balances or Pumas, or those common brown thong flip flops. Opt for an interestingly stylish sandal. I purchased the above sandals from Pac Sun in the spring. 

4. Try to avoid looking tacky. If you feel tacky, you probably look tacky and should try a different outfit. 


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