September Twenty-First

Sunday | Show Me Your Panties

Boxers | Calvin Klein

    Girls sag too! Grab some cute logo boxers (Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Crisp, etc.) and let the sagging commence. I know what you're thinking; we've shunned guys for decades for showing their undergarments and now girls are doing it but calling it fashion. The difference is in how it's worn. Boxers/briefs should sit on your natural waist. Pair your boxers with loose fitting bottoms, such as joggers or boyfriend jeans. Allow your bottoms to hug your hips, never to drape lower, showing your brief's logo. 



F. Y. I. ...

   In Ocala, Florida, a law was passed in July 2014 banning sagging pants on city owned property. The ordinance prohibited anyone from wearing their pants 2 inches below their natural waist line that exposes underwear or the buttocks. Violators were subject to $500 fine or possible jail time. Luckily, this law was overturned on September 16, with a 4-1 council vote. 



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