KeKe Palmer | Talk Show Host


    Just Keke, Keke Palmer's new daytime talk show that aired on BET, has successfully completed its 20 episode run. If you did not have the chance to tune in, you truly missed out. The 20-year-old took daytime television by storm while making history as the youngest talk show host ever. She brings a sense of authenticity and warmth to hosting that is refreshing, as she speaks on relatable topics for her generation. She spoke to her audience about cyber bullying, experiences with racism, flexing for social networks, love and relationships. I love that the studio set was intimate, as fans were able to greet KeKe with hugs and huddle around her to truly engage in convo. Before its premiere, KeKe accurately described her show as "packed with valuable conversation about pop culture, dating, and social issues geared towards the younger generation." She is wise beyond her years as well as empowering to others.  KeKe successfully created an atmosphere where young people can comfortably voice their opinions and can speak on more than just the life of "ratchets." BET would be crazy not to pick this show up for a second season. 

     Keke's show was packed with interesting segments and meaningful conversation, not to mention she had popular celebrities like Karreuche, Wesley Johnson, and Michael Ealy cozied on her couch.  My favorite segment was "Keep it 100," in which she did just that, told it like it was. I also enjoyed her closing segment "Something to think about" in which she educated her audience on her thoughts and feelings on various issues, while posing thought provoking questions. KeKe Palmer is the epitome of a role model for young girls and girls her own age. Through her messages of love and encouragement to be yourself, KeKe compels her audience to question their character and strive to be a better person than they were yesterday. I'm counting the days until this show comes back on air!

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